Come Get These Memories
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2020-03-22 21:15:59 UTC
For those who are inclined to read consider these that have come out

Come Get These Memories by David Thompson and the Holland Brothers.
It's written in the style Leiber $ Stollers' Hound Dog.

How Sweet It Is by Lamont Dozier and Scott Bomar.

Ironically both came out last year within a month of each other.

Rip It Up It Up: The Speciality Record Story by Billy Vera.
Not a whole lot out there about Rupe and Speciality. The most
extensive that I've found to date is the booklet that came with the
Specialty Box Set.
2020-03-23 04:44:27 UTC
The Speciality Record Story {1946 - 1959} by Billy Vera.
"most of the artists who recorded for Specialty are long gone, or at least not
in the position to sit for interviews. Happily, though, Art Rupe – who’s past
his 100th birthday – did cooperate with Vera on the book, most significantly
granting him access to a physical archive of written correspondence. And it’s
those contracts and letters that provide a kind of connective tissue for Rip it
Up: The Specialty Records Story. Throughout its pages, Vera draws upon those
letters time and again, often to make or support a larger point."

"Rip it Up isn’t so much a narrative history of a label. Instead, it’s really a
lengthy catalog of brief biographical sketches. Quite a few artists cut sides
for Rupe, and a significant number of them were not heard from again. These
one-hit non-wonders didn’t leave behind a great deal of biographical
documentation on themselves, so often Vera has only Rupe’s old letters to go




this link includes a substantial excerpt from the book:

yet another excerpt:

includes a long excerpt about Percy Mayfield:

to buy the book (click "Get this book in print" for a choice of vendors):

The Forward by Art Rupe & THE FIRST FIVE CHAPTERS