Alphabetized-by-artist list of previously nominated Obscurities -- March 2021 update
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Rick Schubert
2021-03-24 23:57:01 UTC
Not only am I late with March, but I see I forgot to send out in February. Sorry about that.

This includes songs nominated in March that were "losers" in the Singles Battles.

"5" Hearts - Please Please Baby
"5" Royales - Do The Cha Cha Cherry
"5" Royales - Right Around The Corner
"5" Royales - Tears Of Joy
4 Deuces - Down It Went
5 Royales - I Need Your Lovin' Baby
5 Royales - Not Going To Cry
Accents - I Give My Heart To You
Ace, Johnny - So Lonely
Adams, Faye - Witness To The Crime
Allen, Bill, And The Back Beats - Please Give Me Something
Allen, Jesse - Sittin' And Wonderin'
Andrews, Lee, and the Hearts - All I Ask Is Love
Andrews, Lee, and the Hearts - The Girl Around the Corner
Angel, Johnny - Baby It's Love
Anthony, Little, & The Imperials - Traveling Stranger
Archia, Tom, & His All Stars - Ice Man Blues
Archibald - Great Big Eyes (Those Little Reds)
Armstrong, Louis - St. Louis Blues
Armstrong, Louis - Top Hat, White Tie and Tails
Arnold, Billy Boy - No, No, No, No
Avalons - It's Funny, But It's True
Avons - Bonnie
Avons - Gonna Catch You Nappin'
Baby Calloway - Midnight Blues
Ballard, Hank, & Midniters - Early One Morning
Ballard, Hank, and the Midnighters - I Love You, I Love You So-O-O
Ballard, Hank, and the Midnighters - Never Knew
Banks, Buddy (voc. Baby Davis) - Happy Home Blues
Barbara Pittman - Sentimental Fool
Barker, Blu Lu - Now You're Down in the Alley
Barker, Blue Lu - Trombone Man Blues
Barker, Danny - Chocko Mo Feendo Hay
Barker, Danny - My Indian Red
Barlow, Dean - I'll String Along With You
Barlow, Dean, & The Bachelors - Baby
Barnes, Benny - You Gotta Pay
Barons - A Year And A Day
Barons - Boom Boom
Barons - Cold Kisses
Barons - Searching For You
Barrix, Billy - Cool Off Baby
Barry, Joe - Little Jewel Of The Vieux Carre
Bel-Aires - Let's Party Awhile
Bell, Johnny, Tones - Ev'ry Day (It's The Same)
Bells of Joy - So Many Years
Belvederes - Why Do You Treat Me This Way
Belvin, Jesse (Laurels) - This Is My Love Song
Bennett, Boyd, & His Rockets - Poison Ivy
Bennett, Joe, and the Sparkletones - Cotton Pickin' Rocker
Bennett, Tony - Punch And Judy Love
Berry, Chuck - County Line
Berry, Chuck - Lajuanda
Berry, Chuck - Run Rudolph Run
Berry, Richard - What You Do To Me
Berry, Richard, & His Dreamers - Jelly Roll
Berry, Richard, & The Lockettes - The Mess Around
Berry, Richard, and The Pharaohs - Rock, Rock, Rock (This Dance Is Crazy)
Big Bill - Flat Foot Susie With Her Flat Yes Yes
Big Duke - Baby Beat It
Big Ed - Biscuit Baking Mama
Big Four - Outta Tune
Big Maybelle - Baby Please Don't Go
Big Maybelle - Don't Leave Poor Me
Big Maybelle - Goin' Home Baby
Big Mike - Rain Or Shine
Billy Boy (Arnold) - I Was Fooled
Blackwell, Otis - My Poor Broken Heart
Blackwell, Otis - Oh! What A Babe
Blackwell, Otis - You Move Me, Baby!
Blair, Sunny - Please Send My Baby Back
Bland, Billy - The Fat Man
Blue Diamonds - No Money
Blue Dots - Please Don't Tell 'Em
Blue Jays - So Long Lovers Island
Blue Smitty - Date Bait
Blue Tones - Oh Yeah!
Blues Rockers - Johnny Mae
Boatman, Tooter - Susie's House
Boatman, Tooter, and the Chapparals - Thunder & Lightning
Bond, Eddie - Slip Slippin In
Bond, Johnny - Alabama Boogie Boy
Bond, Luther, & His Emeralds - Starlight Starbright
Bonds, Gary (U.S.) - I Dig This Station
Booze, Bea - Gulf Coast Blues
Bop Chords - My Darling To You
Boptones - Be My Pussy Cat
Bowser, Donnie - I Love You Baby
Boze, Calvin - Looped
Brenston, Jackie - Gonna Wait For My Chance
Brooks, Billy - I'm Gone
Broonzy, Big Bill - You've Been Mistreating Me
Brown, B., and his Rockin' McVouts - Fannie Mae is Back
Brown, Buster - Doctor Brown
Brown, Buster - John Henry (The Steel Drivin' Man)
Brown, Clarence 'Gatemouth' - Gate's Salty Blues
Brown, Clarence - Rock My Blues Away
Brown, Dennis, & The Atomics - Show Me The Rose
Brown, James, & The Famous Flames - And I Do Just What I Want
Brown, Little Tommy - Won't You Forgive Me
Brown, Roy - Black Diamond
Brown, Roy - Shake 'em Up Baby
Brown, Tommy - Southern Women
Brown, Waymon - Barefoot Susie
Buckeyes - Since I Fell For You
Bunn, Allen - My Kinda Woman
Burney, Mac - Tired of Your Sexy Ways
Burrage, Harold - Messed Up
Buster, Prince - Madness
Byrd, Roy - Her Mind Is Gone
Byrne, Jerry - Carry On
Cadets - Ring Chimes
Cadillacs - A' Looka Here
Cadillacs - Holy Smoke, Baby
Cadillacs - Lucy
Cadillacs - The Girl I Love
Cadillacs - Thrill Me So
Cadillacs - Zoom-Boom-Zing
Calhoun, Charles - I Don't Know Why (The Car Won't Go)
Calvaes - Fine Girl
Capris - Rock, Pretty Baby
Caraway, Bobby & Terry - Ballin' Keen
Carbo, Chuck - Out On A Limb
Carbo, Leonard - So Tired
Cardinals - Here Goes My Heart To You
Cardinals - Misirlou
Carlo - Baby Doll
Carnations - The Angels Sent You To Me
Carrington, Curtis - I'm Gonna Catch You (Cuttin' Out On Me)
Carroll, Johnny - Crazy, Crazy Lovin'
Carter, Goree - I'm Your Boogie Man
Carter, Goree - She's Just Old Fashioned
Cavallo, Jimmy, Quartet - Leave Married Women Alone
Cellos - Girlie That I Love
Cellos - What's the Matter For You
Challengers - Honey, Honey, Honey
Champions - Keep A Rockin'
Champions - The Same Old Story
Champions and Sonny Thompson - Come On
Channels - My Lovin' Baby
Channels - Now You Know
Channels - Stars In The Sky
Channels - What Do You Do
Charles, Bobby - I Just Want You
Charles, Bobby - No More (I Ain't Gonna Love You No More)
Charles, Bobby - No Use Knocking
Charles, Bobby - One Eyed Jack
Charles, Ray - I Want To Know
Charles, Ray - I Want a Little Girl
Charles, Ray - Tell Me How Do You Feel
Charles, Ray - What Would I Do Without You
Charlie & Ray - My Lovin' Baby
Charmer - Is She Is Or Is She Ain't
Charts - My Diane
Charts - You're The Reason (I'm In Love)
Chavelles - Red Tape
Checkers - Can't Find My Sadie
Chenier, Clifton - Ay-Tete-Fee
Chimes - Love Me, Love Me, Love Me
Church, Eugene - Good News
Cineramas - Crying For You
Clark, Dee - Because I Love You
Clark, Dee - When I Call On You
Clark, Dee, & The Upsetters - Oh Little Girl
Cleftones - Lover Boy
Clicks - Come Back To Me
Cline, Patsy - Faded Love
Clovers - Easy Lovin'
Clovers - You Said
Coasters - Bad Blood
Cobras - Cindy
Cobras - I Will Return
Cochran Brothers - Tired And Sleepy
Cochran, Jack - Hip Shakin' Mama
Cole, Ann - Are You Satisfied
Cole, Ann - Have Fun
Cole, Sonny, & Rhythm Roamers - Curfew Cops
Cole, Sonny, and the Rhythm Roamers - I Dreamed I Was Elvis
Columbus Pharaohs - China Girl
Contours - Funny
Cooke, Sam - Somebody Have Mercy
Cooke, Sam - Summertime
Cookies - Later Later
Cooley, Jack - 50 Dyna-Flow
Cooley, Jack - Tom Tom Boogie
Cooley, Spade - You Clobbered Me
Cordel, Pat, & Crescents - Darling Come Back
Cordials - I'm Not Crying Anymore
Count Victors - Peepin' and Hidin'
Crane, Jimmy - Shig A Shag
Crawford, James (Sugarboy) - I Don't Need You
Crawford, James (Sugarboy) - She's the One
Crosby, Bing - Last Night on the Back Porch
Crowns - I'll Forget About You
Crudup, Arthur - She's Got No Hair
Crudup, Arthur - Tired of Worry
Crystals - Squeeze Me Baby
Cupp, Pat - Do Me No Wrong
Cupp, Pat - Long Gone Daddy
Curry, George - No. 9 on the Menu (Cat A-la-Carte and Dog Slaw)
Curtis, Mac - What'll I Do
Dale, Larry - Let The Doorbell Ring
Dale, Larry - Please Tell Me
Damita Jo - Keep Your Hands Off Of Him
Danderliers - She's Mine
Danleers - My Flaming Heart
Darin, Bobby - She's Tanfastic!
Davis, Emmet - How About It Baby
Davis, Link - Trucker From Tennessee
Davis, Maxwell, & His Orchestra - Blue Shuffle
Davis, Miles - So What
Davis, Walter - Tears Came Rolling Down
DeSanto, Sugarpie - Going Back Where I Belong
Dean and Jean - We're Gonna Get Married
Debs - Whadaya Want?
Del Vikings - Confession Of Love
Del Vikings - The Big Beat
Del-Vikings - Uh Uh Baby
Dells - I Can't Help Myself
Dells - I'm Calling
Dells - Jo-Jo
Dells - Q-Bop She-Bop (CuBop CheBop)
Dells - Time Makes You Change
Delmore Brothers - Freight Train Boogie
Delrays - Our Love Is True
Detroit Junior - Christmas Day
Diablos - Daddy Rockin' Strong
Diablos - Do You Remember What You Did
Diablos featuring Nolan Strong - Baby, Be Mine
Dickens, Little Jimmy - I Got A Hole In My Pocket
Diddley, Bo - Down Home Special
Diddley, Bo - Let Me In
Diddley, Bo - Look At My Baby
Diddley, Bo - Walkin' and Talkin'
Dillard, Varetta - I Don't Know What It Is But I Like It
Dillard, Varetta - Mama Don't Want (What Papa Don't Want)
Dillard, Varetta - That's Why I Cry
Dillard, Varetta - Them There Eyes
Dion - You're Mine
Dixon, Floyd - Real Lovin' Mama
Dixon, Floyd - Roll Baby Roll
Dixon, Floyd - When I Get Lucky
Domino, Fats - 44
Domino, Fats - I Can't Go On This Way
Domino, Fats - If You Need Me
Dominoes - Handwriting On The Wall
Dominoes - Love Me Now Or Let Me Go
Don's Rockers - You're Just Right For Me
Donley, Jimmy - Born to Be a Loser
Donn, Larry - That's What I Call A Ball
Dorsey, Lee - You Are My Sunshine
Doss, Bob - Don't Be Gone Long
Down Beats (vcl Roy Nixon) - Hard Rockin' Daddy
Downbeats - Midnight Love
Drakes - Mellow Daddy
Dream Kings - M.T.Y.L.T.T
Dreamers - 535
Dreamers - Because Of You
Drifters - If I Didn't Love You Like I Do
Drivers - Smooth Slow and Easy
Du Droppers - Boot em Up
Du Droppers - Talk That Talk
Du Droppers - You've Been Good To Everybody
Du-Droppers - Don't Pass Me By
Dubs - No One
Dubs - Your Very First Love
Dukes - Come On And Rock
Duncan, Tommy - Daddy Loves Mommyo
Dupree, Champion Jack - She Cooks Me Cabbage
Dupree, Jack - Ain't No Meat on De Bone
Dupree, Jack - Rub A Little Boogie
Eaglin, Ford (Snooks) - Yours Truly
Eaglin, Snooks - Travelling Mood
Earls, Jack - Slow Down
Eay, Eddie - Dancin' Girl
Echo Valley Boys - Wash Machine Boogie
Edsels - Do You Love Me
Eggins, Willie - Wow Wow
El Dorados - What's Buggin' You Baby
El Pollos - School Girl
El Rays - Christine
Elbert, Donnie - Believe It Or Not
Elegants - Getting Dizzy
Ellis Brothers - Sneaky Alligator
Ellis Brothers - Wow! Baby
Eloise Trio - Chi Chi Merengue
Emeralds - Rumblin' Tumblin' Baby
Emerson, Billy 'The Kid' - No Greater Love
Empires - Corn Whiskey
Empires - Magic Mirror
Enchanters - Wait A Minute, Baby
Equadors - I'll Be the One
Equadors - You're My Desire
Ervin, Odie - She's A Bad Bad Woman
Evans, Jimmy - The Joint's Really Jumpin'
Everly Brothers - Just in Case
Excels - Baby Doll
Fabulous Pearls - Baby Drop Top
Fairburn, Werly - Telephone Baby
Fairlanes - Seventeen Steps
Falcons - Sent Up
Falcons - Take This Love I've Got
Fascinators - The Bells Of My Heart
Feathers - Love Only You
Feathers, Charlie - When You Come Around
Federals - While Our Hearts Were Young
Feger, Don - Date On The Corner
Feger, Don - Don't Be Mad
Feger, Don - Look Out Baby
Ferguson's, Troy, Country Gentlemen - At the Jamboree
Ferguson, H-Bomb - Mary Little Mary
Ferguson, H-Bomb - Work For My Baby
Fi-Tones - I Belong To You
Fi-Tones - I Call To You
Fisher, Sonny - Pink And Black
Fitzgerald, Ella - Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye
Five Blind Boys - In the Wilderness
Five Blind Boys - There's No Need To Cry
Five Blue Notes - Ooh Baby
Five Blue Notes - You Gotta Go Baby
Five Chances - California
Five Discs - My Baby Loves Me
Five Echoes - Broke
Five Hearts - The Fine One
Five Keys - Do I Need You
Five Keys - Mama (Your Daughter Told A Lie On Me)
Five Keys - Rosetta
Five Keys - Stop Your Crying
Five Notes - Broken Hearted Baby
Five Quails - Been A Long Time
Five Quails - Get To School On Time
Five Royales - Don't Give No More Than You Can Take
Five Scalders - Girlfriend
Five Stars - So Lonely Baby
Five Vets - Right Now
Five Wings - Rock-A-Locka
Flairs - Gettin' High
Flairs - My Darling, My Sweet
Flairs - Why Do I Love You
Flamingos - Ko Ko Mo
Flamingos - When
Fleming, George - The Shake
Fortune, Jessie - Too Many Cooks
Four Buddies - Ooh-Ow
Four Students - Hot Rotten Soda Pop (Oh My Toe)
Four Tops - Kiss Me, Baby
Fran, Carol - One More Chance
Friendly Brothers - Operator
Fuller, Johnny - Mean Old World
Fuller, Johnny - Mercy Mercy
Fulson, Lowell - I Still Love You Baby
Fulson, Lowell - Tollin' Bells
Futuretones - Roll On
G-Clefs - Is This The Way
Gaddy, Bob - Blues Has Walked In My Room
Gaines, Roy - Skippy Is A Sissy
Gant, Cecil - It Ain't Gonne Be Like That
Gardenias - (All Alone And) Miserable
Gardenias - My Baby's Tops
Garner, Al - You Must Be Crazy
Gay, Betsy - Hound Dog
Gaylarks - Romantic Memories
Gayles, Billy - Do Right Baby
Gayles, Billy - Take Your Fine Frame Home
Gayten, Paul - It Ain't Nothing Happening
Gayton, Paul - You Better Believe It
Gazelles - Honest
Gentlemen - Something To Remember You By
Georgettes - Be My Baby
Gillum, Jazz - You Got To Run Me Down
Gladiolas - Run, Run Little Joe
Gordon, Bennie, & The Soul Brothers - Camel Walk
Gordon, Bill "Bass", & Colonials - Bring My Baby Back
Gordon, Junior - Blow Wind Blow
Gospelairs - Ride This Train
Green, George - Brand New Rockin' Chair
Green, George, with Jimmy Binkley - Finance Man
Green, Li'l - You've Been A Good Old Wagon (But You Done Broke Down)
Greene, Rudy - Highway No. 1
Greenwood, Lil, (Lamplighters) - Mercy Me
Guerrero, Lalo - Marihuana Boogie
Gunter, Arthur - Don't Leave Me Now
Gunter, Arthur - Hear My Plea Baby
Gunter, Arthur - Mind Your Own Business Babe
Gunter, Arthur - She's Mine All Mine
Guy, Buddy - First Time I Met The Blues
Hairston, Brother Will - The Alabama Bus
Hall, Bobby, And The Kings - Fire In My Heart
Hanna, Fletcher, With Red "Joe" Raynor And His Ozark Playboys - Hepcat Boogie
Hanson, Rudy - Saturday Jump
Hardison, Bernie - Yeah, It's True
Harmonaires - Come Back
Harmonica Slim - My Girl Won't Quit Me
Harper, Ben - Driveway Blues
Harper, Willie - New Kind of Love
Harpo, Slim - A Man is Crying
Harptones - So Good So Fine
Harptones - You Know You're Doing Me Wrong
Harris, Hal - Jitterbop Baby
Harris, Tony - Try This Li'l Ole Heart
Harris, Wynonie - Keep On Churnin'
Harris, Wynonie - Shot Gun Wedding
Harrison, Cledus - Rock and Roll In the Groove
Harvey & The Moonglows - Mean Old Blues
Hawkins, Erskine (The Four Hawks) - My Baby Please
Hawks - Ever Since You've Been Gone
Hawks - These Blues
Hawks - Why Oh Why [Post 2004]
Headliners - Comin' On Down With Love
Heartbeats - Darling, I Want to Get Married
Heartbeats - I Want To Know
Heartbreakers - Without A Cause
Hearts - All My Love Belongs To You
Hendricks, Bobby - Molly Be Goode
Henry, Clarence - Ain't Got No Home
Hepsters - I Had To Let You Go
Herrera, Little Julian - True Fine Mama (1958)
Higgins, Chuck - Big Fat Mama
Hill, Jessie - Oogsey Moo
Hill, Joe, Louis - Hydramatic Woman
Hogan, Silas - Go On Pretty Baby
Hogen, Carl, & Miracles - I Love You So
Hogsed, Roy - Shuffleboard Shuffle
Holden, Ron - True Love Can Be
Holiday, Billie - Fine And Mellow (Live)
Holiday, Willie - I've Played This Town
Holly, Buddy - Blue Days Black Nights
Holly, Buddy - Dearest
Hollywood Flames - Give Me Back My Heart
Homesick James - My Baby's Sweet
Hooker, John Lee - Dimples
Hooker, John Lee - Little Wheel
Hooker, John Lee - Taxi Driver
Hopkins, Lightnin' - Blues For My Cookie
Hopkins, Lightnin' - They Wonder Who I Am
Howard, Camille - Rock With Me
Howlin' Wolf - I Have A Little Girl
Howlin' Wolf - Riding In The Moonlight
Howlin' Wolf - Tell Me
Hunk Dori - Why Don't You Use Your Head
Hunter, Ty - Lonely Baby
Hunter, Ty, and The Voice Masters - Everything About You
Hunters (Young Jessie) - Down At Haydens
Hurricanes - Pistol Packin' Mama
Hutto, JB, & His Hawks - Dim Lights
Imaginations - Guardian Angel
Ingram, Benny - Jello Sal
Intervals - Love Me Sweet
Isley Brothers - The Cow Jumped Over The Moon
JB Lenoir - I Lost My Baby
Jackson, Bobby - Oh Baby
Jackson, Bull Moose, & His Buffalo Bearcats - Meet Me With Your Black Dress On
Jackson, Fred - Buck Fever
Jackson, Marvin - Gee Whiz Miss Liz
Jacobs, Matthew - Loaded Down
Jaguars - I Wanted You
James, Elmore - Blues Before Sunrise
James, Elmore - Country Boogie
James, Elmore - Sunny Land
James, Elmore - Take Me Where You Go
James, Elmore, & His Broomdusters - Late Hours At Midnight
James, Etta - Hold Me Squeeze Me
Jayos w. Johnny Otis - Honey Love
Jenkins, Bobo - Nothing But Love
Jesse Belvin - Gone
Jesse Mae - Don't Freeze On Me
Jets - Drag It Home Baby
Jewels - A Fool In Paradise
Jewels - Pearlie Mae
Jimmie and Johnny - I Can't Find The Door Knob
Jimmy Nolen - Wipe Your Tears
Jive Bombers - The Blues Don't Mean A Thing
Jive Bombers - When Your Hair Has Turned To Silver
John, Little Willie - Come on Sugar
John, Little Willie - Home At Last
John, Moose - Wrong Doin' Woman
Johnny 'T' Talley - Wild Mind
Johnson, Bill - You Better Dig It
Johnson, Bill, & His Musical Notes - Shorty's Got To Go
Johnson, Buddy & Ella - Why Don't 'Cha Stop It
Johnson, Neal - True to You Baby
Jones, Eddy, & The Cyclones - Say What?
Jones, Floyd - Skinny Mama
Jones, Little Johnny, & Chicago Hound Dogs - I May Be Wrong
Jones, Ronnie, and the Classmates - Teenage Rock
Jones, Roy, & The Shells - Satisfied
Jones, Thumper - How Come It
Jordan, Louis - A Man's Best Friend is a Bed
Jordan, Louis - Cat Scratchin'
Julian, Don, & The Meadowlarks - Oop Boopy Oop
Julian, Don, and the Meadowlarks - Boogie Woogie Teenage
K-Doe, Ernie - Be Sweet
Kansas City Soul Revivers - Jesus Came At Midnight
Kelley, Cathy - Blues Hanging Around
Kenner, Chris - Don't Let Her Pin That Charge On Me
Kershaw, Rusty & Doug - We'll Do It Anyway
Kershaw, Rusty and Doug - Louisiana Man
Keytones - Seven Wonders Of The World
King Curtis - Beautiful Brown Eyes
King, B B - Lonely And Blue
King, BB 'Blues Boy' - What Can I Do
King, Claude - Run, Baby, Run
King, Earl - Always A First Time
King, Earl - Come On (Part 1)
King, Earl - It Must Have Been Love
King, Earl - Well'o, Well'o, Well'o, Baby
King, Freddie - Sitting On The Boat Dock
King, Freddy - I'm On My Way To Atlanta
King, Freddy - Just Pickin'
King, Sid, & the Five Strings - Let 'Er Roll
Kings - Your Sweet Love
Kingsmen - One Foolish Mistake
Kitrell, Christine - I'm Just What You're Looking For
Knight, Jessie - Nothing But Money
Knight, Marie - What Kind of Fool
Kohlman, Freddie, Orch.-Cousin Joe vocals - Hole In The Ground
Kool Gents - Do Ya Do
Lamie, Tony & Jackie - Wore To A Frazzel
Lamplighters - Crazy Times
Lamplighters - Hug A Little Kiss a Little
Lanes - Open Up Your Heart (And Let Me In)
Larks - Honey From The Bee
Larks - How Long Must I Wait for You?
Larks - I Want Her To Love Me
Larks - Rockin' In The Rocket Room
Lavett, Betty - Here I Am
Lee, Brenda - Just A Little
Lee, Brenda, & Vocaltones - I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None of My Love
Lee, Jimmy, & Wayne Walker - Lips That Kiss So Sweetly
Lee, Julia - All This Beef And Big Ripe Tomatoes
Lee, Julia - Don't Come Too Soon
Lenior, J.B. - Don't Touch My Head
Lenoir, J B - I Feel So Good
Lenore, J B - Fine Girls
Lewis, Jerry Lee - Honey Hush
Lewis, Jerry Lee - It'll Be Me
Lewis, Johnny (Joe Hill Louis) - Jealous Man
Lewis, Raymond - Nine Cents Worth Of Chances
Lewis, Sammy, & Willie Johnson - So Long Baby Goodbye
Lewis, Wally - Oh Baby Baby
Liggins, Jimmy - Mississippi Boogie
Lightnin' Hopkins - Movin Out Boogie
Little Al - Every Day Brings About A Change
Little Anthony And The Imperials - Please Say You Want Me
Little Bo (Eddie Bo) - So Glad
Little David and His Harps - I Won't Cry
Little Eddie - My Baby Left Me
Little Esther - The Storm
Little Esther and Little Willie - Turn the Lamps Down Low
Little Joe & The Thrillers - This I Know
Little Maxie - Drive Soldiers Drive
Little Milton - I'm A Lonely Man
Little Miss Cornshucks - No Teasing Around
Little Mummy - Where You At Jack?
Little Walter - One More Chance With You
Little Woo Woo - This Wonderful Girl of Mine
Littles, Hattie - Back In My Arms Again
Lollar, Bobby - Bad Bad Boy
Long John - She Used To Be My Woman
Long, Bobby - By My Side
Long, Shorty - Burnt Toast and Black Coffee
Lonnie Lyons - Down In The Groovy
Lord Melody - Mama Look A BooBoo
Louis, Joe Hill - A Jumpin and A shufflin
Louvin Brothers - Red Hen Hop
Love, Preston - A Man Goin' Crazy
Lymon, Frankie - I Put The Bomp
Lyons, Joe, and the Arrows - Shufflin' Jive
Lyrics - Crying Over You
Lyrics - Every Night
Mabon, Willie - Seventh Son
Mac, Lou - Slow Down
Maddox Brothers & Rose - Hangover Blues
Magic Sam - All Your Love
Magic Sam - Easy Baby
Magic Sam - Look Whatcha Done
Magic Sam - My Love Is Your Love
Magic Tones - Cool,Cool Baby
Magnificents - Caddy Bo
Marchan, Bobby - You Can't Stop Her (alt. version)
Marquis - Bohemian Daddy
Martin, Bennie, & Group - Darling Goodbye
Martin, Dean, & Nat "King" Cole - Open Up The Doghouse
Martin, Dean, & Ricky Nelson - My Rifle,My Pony & Me
Marveliers - Down
Marvels - I Won't Have You Breaking My Heart
Marvin & Johnny - Let Me Know
Marvin Phillips - Wine Woogie
Masterkeys - Mr. Blues
Masters, Sammy - Pink Cadillac
Masters, Sammy - Whop T Bop (1956)
Matthews, Fat Man, & The Four Kittens - Later Baby
Matthews, Fats - Goin' Down
May, Haskell - Party Line
Maye, Arthur Lee, & The Crowns - Oh-Rooba-Lee
Mayer, Nathaniel - My Last Dance With You
Mayer, Nathaniel, & Fabulous Twilights - Hurting Love
Mayfield, Percy - Half Awoke
Mayfield, Percy - Memory Pain
McAllister, Billie - I Go For That
McCain, Jerry Boogie - Stay Out of Automobiles
McClam, Pro - Boot-Um
McCormack Brothers - Red Hen Boogie
McCracklin, Jimmy - Rockin' All Day
McCracklin, Jimmy - Savoy's Jump
McDaniel, Luke - My Baby Don't Rock
McDaniel, Luke - The Automobile Song
McDonald, Rusty - Easy Big Mama
McGhee, Brownie - When It's Love Time
McGhee, Sticks - Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter
McLollie, Oscar, & Jeanette Davis - Hey Girl Hey Boy
McPhatter, Clyde - I Do Believe
McShann's, Jay, Orchestra (Priscilla Bowman) - Another Night
Mellows & Lillian Leach - I Still Care
Mellows & Lillian Leach - I Was A Fool To Let You Go
Mellows - Sweet Lorraine
Mellows f. Lillian Leach - Pretty Baby, What's Your Name?
Melton, Ray - Boppin' Guitar
Mercy Baby - Marked Deck
Mercy Baby - Rock And Roll Baby
Mercy Dee - Romp And Stomp Blues
Mickey & Sylvia - I'm So Glad
Midnighters - Give It Up
Midnighters - Let 'em Roll
Midnighters - Ooh Bah Baby
Midnighters - Rock These Blues Away
Midnighters - Why Are We Apart
Mighty Sparrow - May May
Milburn, Amos - Hard Driving Blues
Milburn, Amos - Heartaches that Make You Cry
Milburn, Amos - House Party
Miles, Lenny - Don't Believe Him Donna
Miller Sisters - Got You On My Mind
Miller Sisters - Someday You Will Pay
Miller, Robert - Freeway Boogie
Millet, Li'l - Rich Woman
Millet, Lou - Shorty The Barber
Milton, Little - My Song
Milton, Roy - I Never Would Have Made It
Mint Juleps - Vip-A-Dip
Mitchell, Bobby - Try Rock 'n' Roll
Mitchell, Bobby, & The Toppers - I Wish I Knew
Mitchell, Freddie - Mr. Freddie's Boogie
Mitchell, McKinley - Rock Everybody Rock
Mizell, Hank - I'm Ready
Monarchs - Always Be Faithful
Monotones - Tell it to the Judge
Montrell, Roy - (Every Time I Hear) That Mellow Saxophone
Moonglows - Fine,Fine Girl
Moore, "Woo Woo" - Something's Wrong
Moroccos - Red Hots And Chili Mac
Moss, Roy - You're My Big Baby Now
Mr. Bo - I'm Leavin' This Town
Mr. Google Eyes - Rock My Soul
Muggins, Shorty - Got A Great Big Shovel
Murray, Ruby - Real Love
Myers, Bumps, (Bobby Nunn) - I'm Clappin' And Shoutin'
Myers, Sammy - My Love Is Here To Stay
Myles & Dupont - Loud Mouth Annie
Myles, Big Boy, and the Sha-weez - Who's Been Fooling You?
Mystics - All Through The Night
Mystics - Sunday Kind Of Love
Neal, Screamin' Joe - Rock And Roll Deacon
Nelson, Jimmy "T-99" - Sweetest Little Girl
Neons - Road To Romance
Neville, Aaron - Show Me The Way
Neville, Art - Cha Dookey Doo
Neville, Art - The Dummy
Newman, Carl & His Night Hawks - Rockin' And A Boppin'
Newman, Jimmy - H-Brown Shuffle
Nickell, Betty - Hot Dog
Nitecaps - Be My Girl
Nolen, Jimmy - The Way You Do
Nolen, Jimmy - You've Been Goofing
Nutmegs - Comin' Home
Nutmegs - Key To The Kingdom (Of Your Heart)
Nutmegs - Make Me Lose My Mind
Nutmegs - Rock Me
Offitt, Lillian - Miss You So
Oliver, Chet - Cool As A Cucumber
Olson, Rocky - Kansas City
Orange, Allen - True Love Never Dies
Orbison, Roy - A Cat Called Domino
Orchids - Fine Sweet Woman
Orchids - I Can't Refuse
Orioles - Drowning Every Hope I Ever Had
Orioles - Is My Heart Wasting Time
Oscar Brand - I Used To Work In Chicago
Otis, Johnny - Goomp Blues
Otis, Johnny - Shake It
Packards - Ding Dong
Page, Hot Lips - Last Call For Alcohol
Page, Hot Lips - The Cadillac Song
Paige, Hal - Drive It Home
Parchman Mississippi State Penitentary - Old Alabama
Parker, Charlie - Tico Tico
Parker, Little Junior - Backtracking
Parker, Robert - Across The Track
Parliaments - Party Boys
Parrish, Mae - Function On Broadway
Patti Anne & The Flames - Shtiggy Boom
Pearls - Let's You And I Go Steady
Pearls - Tree In The Meadow
Pedecin, Mike - Burnt Toast and Black Coffee
Pegues, Carroll "Wild Red" - Rhythm Feet
Pejoe, Morris - Hurt My Feelings
Penguins - Baby Let's Make Some Love
Penguins - Be My Loving Baby
Penguins - Promises Promises Promises
Penguins - She's Gone, Gone
Penguins - Sweet Love
Penguins - Walkin' Down Broadway
Perkins, Carl - Drink Up And Go Home
Perkins, Carl - That's Right
Perry, John, Orchestra - My Baby Started Cryin'
Philharmonics - Teen Town Hop
Phillips, Marvin - My Baby Won't Let Me In
Piano Red - Red's Blues
Plants - Dear I Swear
Platters - Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered
Platters - I Wanna
Platters - Maggie Doesn't Work Here Anymore
Platters - September Song
Platters - You Made Me Cry
Prado, Perez - In A Little Spanish Town
Prima, Louis - Barnacle Bill
Professor Longhair - Walk Your Blues Away
Pryor, Snooky - You Tried To Ruin Me
Prysock, Arthur - Woke Up This Morning
Prysock, Red - What's The Word Thunderbird
Puente, Tito - Oye Como Va
Pullens, Vern - Bop Crazy Baby
Pyramiders - Don't Ever Leave Me
Quarrymen - In Spite of All The Danger
Queen (Dinah Washington) - Honky Tonk
Quin, Gene O - Boogie Woogie Fever
Radio Four - How Much I Owe
Rams - Sweet Thing
Ravens - We'll Raise A Ruckus Tonight
Ray-O-Vacs - Party Time
Rays - Tippity Top
Re-vels Quartette - Love My Baby
Rebecca Williams - Thing A Ma Jig
Redding, Otis - Something Is Worrying Me
Reed, Jimmy - Back Home at Noon
Reed, Jimmy - I Ain't Got You
Reed, Jimmy - Let's Get Together
Reed, Jimmy - Mary Mary
Reed, Jimmy - State Street Boogie
Reed, Jimmy - Too Much
Reed, Lula - Caught Me When My Love Was Down
Reed, Lula - Why Don't You Come On Home
Reed, Lulu - Your Love Keeps A-Working On Me
Reed, Lulu, & Freddy King - It's Easy Child
Rex Hale - Down At Big Mamma's House
Rich, Charlie - Big Boss Man
Ricks, Jimmy, & The Ravens - Boots And Saddles
Ricks, Jimmy, & The Ravens - I'll Always Be In Love With You
Ricks, Jimmy, and the Raves - Daddy Rollin' Stone
Ridgley, Tommy - In The Same Old Way
Ridgley, Tommy - When I Meet My Girl
Riff, Eddie - My Baby's Gone Away
Rivileers - Don't Ever Leave Me
Robert (Lockwood) Jr. - Sweet Woman From Maine
Robertson, Lester - Oh Babe
Robins - Since I First Met You
Robins - White Cliffs of Dover
Rockers - Down In The Bottom
Rockers - Tell Me Why
Rogers, Jesse - Jump Cat Jump
Rose Mitchell - Live My Life
Ross, Doctor - New York Breakdown
Royal Jesters - Love Me
Royal Jokers - Stay Here
Royals - Gas Happy Mama
Rush, Otis - You Know My Love
Russell, Snookum - Juke Box Boogie Woogie Chick
Ryan, Cathy (Admirals) - 24 hours a Day
Ryder, Junior - Better Stop
Samuels, Clarence - Without You
Saucers - Flossie Mae
Scales, Alonzo - My Baby Likes To Shuffle
Scarlets - Cry Baby
Schoolboy Cleve - She's Gone
Scotchtones - Do You Have The Right
Scott, Mabel - Boogie Woogie Choo Choo Train
Scott, Sandy - Shake It Up
Self, Ronnie - Pretty Bad Blues
Sensations - You Made Me Love You
Serenaders - I Wrote A Letter
Sh-Booms - Lu Lu
Shane, Jackie - Any Other Way
Sharps - Lock My Heart
Sheffield, Charles - It's Your Voodoo Working
Sheiks - Walk That Walk
Shep & The Limelites - Gee Baby What About You
Shirley & Lee - Don't You Know I Love You
Shirley & Lee - I'll Thrill You
Shirley & Lee - That's What I'll Do
Shirley & Lee - The Flirt
Silva-Tones - Roses Are Bloomin'
Simmons, Gene - Peroxide Blonde and a Hopped Up Model Ford
Sims, Frankie Lee - Hey Little Girl
Sims, Frankie Lee - What Will Lucy Do
Sinceres - If You Should Leave Me
Sinceres - Please Don't Cheat On Me
Singer, Hal, Quintette - Blue Stompin' (Part 1)
Sisco, Gene - Grandma Rock And Roll
Six Teens - Send Me Flowers
Skipper, Macy "Skip" - Quick Sand Love
Skyliners - The Door Is Still Open
Smith, Effie, & the Squires - Champagne Mind (With A Soda Water Income)
Smith, Huey "Piano", & the Clowns - Walking Down the Street
Smith, Little George - Blues Stay Away
Smith, Snuffy - Lumumba
Smith, Warren - Rock And Roll Ruby
Solitaires - Come Back My Love
Solitaires - Girl Of Mine
Solitaires - Helpless
Solitaires - The Time Is Here
Solitaires - Thrill of Love
Sounds - Sweet Sixteen
Spaniels - Crazee Babee
Spaniels - False Love
Spaniels - Great Googly Moo
Spaniels - Hey, Sister Lizzie
Spaniels - I Like It Like That
Spaniels - I Lost You
Spaniels - I Need Your Kisses
Spencer & Spencer {Dickie Goodman & Mickey Shorr} with Sonia Pryor Choir - Russian Band Stand
Spiders - John The Revelator
Spiders - Mmm Mmm Baby
Spinners - Marvella
Spires, "Big Boy" - Murmur Low
Stacy, Clyde - Baby Shame
Stacy, Clyde - Honkytonk Hardwood Floor
Staple Singers - Let's Go Home
Starkes, Doc, & The Nite Riders - Doctor Velvet
Starlarks - Send Me A Picture, Baby
Staton, Dakota - A Little You
Stayton, Jimmy - You're Gonna Treat Me Right
Stevenson, George "Blazer Boy" - Mornin' Train
Stevenson, George - Meet Me at Grandma's Joint
Stewart, Franklin - I Forgot To Tell My Baby
Stewart, Franklin - That Long Black Train
Striders - Hesitating Fool
Strong, Freddie, with Fats Gaines - Gaines Boogie
Strong, Nolan, & Diablos - Old MacDonald
Strong, Nolan, & Diablos - You Are
Strong, Nolan, & His Diablos - You're The Only Girl Dolores
Strong, Nolan, & The Diablos - Goodbye Matilda
Strong, Nolan, & The Diablos - Try Me One More Time
Strong, Nolan, with the Velvet Angels - Be Ever Wonderful
Sugar Boy - She Gotta Wobble (When She Walks)
Sultans - Baby, Don't Put Me Down
Summits - Go Back Where You Came
Supremes - Don't Leave Me Here To Cry
Supremes - Honey Honey
Surf Riders - I'm Out
Swan Silvertones - Love Lifted Me
Swan, Jimmy - Country Cattin'
Tampa Red - Pretty Baby Blues
Tampa Red - Since Baby's Been Gone
Tantones - I Love You Really I Do
Tate, Billy - Special Lesson #1
Taylor, Eddie - Bad Boy
Taylor, Eddie - Big Town Playboy
Taylor, Hound Dog - Take Five
Taylor, Ted - I Need Your So
Tender Slim - Don't Cut Out On Me
Tenderfoots - I'm Yours Anyhow
Tex, Joe - Ain't I a Mess
Tex, Joe - I Wanna Be Free
Tex, Joe - Wicked Woman
Thomas, Tabby - Hoodo Party
Thomas, Tabby - Popeye Train
Thompson, Hayden - Love My Baby
Thompson, Junior - Raw Deal
Thunderbirds - Love Is A Problem
Tilters - Ee-Til-Ya-Dee
Timmons, Terry - Daddy Be Good To Me
Tiny Topsy - Aw Shucks Baby
Tiny Topsy - Come On Come On Come On
Tiny Topsy - Miss You So
Titans - Rhythm & Blues
Tokens - Please Write
Toliver, Bo - Begging
Tony Casanova - Yea! Yea! Come Another Day
Town Three feat. Wes Voight - Midnight Blues
Townsend, Ed - Come On And Walk With Me
Tremain's, Willie, Thunderbirds - Midnight Express
Turbans - Curfew Time
Turks - This Heart of Mine
Turner, Ike - She Made My Blood Run Cold
Turner, Ike, Carlson Oliver & Little Ann - Box Top
Turner, Joe - Jumpin' At The Jubilee
Turner, Joe, & His Blues Kings - After A While
Twilighters - Gotta Get On That Train
Twilighters - Please Tell Me You're Mine
Twitty, Conway - Send Her To Me
Two Crows & The Diggers - Poison Ivy
Vanell, Charles - Knowing the Part
Vaughn, Dale - How Can You Be Mean To Me
Velvetones - Yes I Will
Vernalls - Why Can't You Be True
Versatiles - Passing By
Vons - Flip, Flip
Wade, Iona - Take My Number Baby
Walker, T Bone - Shufflin' The Blues
Walker, T-Bone - I Know Your Wig Is Gone
Walker, T-Bone - Papa Ain't Salty
Walker, Wayne - All I Can Do Is Cry
Walton, James, & Blues Kings - Miss Jessie James
Wanderers - Great Jumpin' Catfish
Ward Singers, Famous - Oh Gabriel
Ward, Billy, and the Dominoes - Give Me You
Ware, Eddy - Lima Beans
Washington, Baby - Been A Long Time Baby
Washington, Baby - Congratulations Honey
Waters, Clear - Boogie Woogie Baby
Waters, Muddy - Good News
Waters, Muddy - Look What You've Done
Wayne, Wee Willie - I Remember
Weaver, Joe, & The Don Juans - Looka Here, Pretty Baby
Webster, Katie - Hoo Wee, Sweet Daddy
Wells, Junior - Two Headed Woman
Wells, Kitty - Paying For That Back Street Affair
Wheels - Let's Have A Ball
Wheels - Teasin' Heart
Whips - Pleadin Heart
Whips - She Done Me Wrong
Whispers - We're Getting Married
Whitfield, Smoki - Function At The Junction
Wilcox, Coye - You Gotta Quit Cheatin'
Wilder, Farris - It's All Your Fault
Williams, Andre - Come On Baby
Williams, Bernie - Why Fool Yourself
Williams, Bob - My Goose is Cooked
Williams, Charles "Hungry" - So Glad She's Mine
Williams, Eddie, and his Brown Buddies w/Floyd Dixon - Red Head 'n' Cadillac
Williams, Johnny - Silver Haired Woman
Williams, Larry - Let Me Tell You, Baby
Williams, Larry - Peaches And Cream
Williams, Lester - I Know That Chick
Willis, Chuck - Sugar Sugar
Willows - Little Darlin
Wills, Johnnie Lee (Leon Huff) - Levee Blues
Wilson, Hop - Rockin' in the Cocanut Top
Wilson, Jackie - Am I The Man
Wilson, Jackie - Baby, That's All
Wilson, Jackie, & Linda Hopkins - I Found Love
Wilson, Jimmy - Jumpin From Six to Six
Wilson, Jimmy - Oh! Red
Witherspoon, Jimmy (Lamplighters) - Just For You
Woods, Donald, and The Vel-Aires - Man From Utopia
Wrens - Hey Girl
Wyatt, Gene - Lover Boy
Yelvington, Malcolm - Rockin' With My Baby
Young Jessie - Don't Happen No More
Young Jessie - Nothing Seems Right
Young, Lester - Wobble Time
Roger Ford
2021-03-25 08:29:14 UTC
Post by Rick Schubert
Not only am I late with March, but I see I forgot to send out in February. Sorry about that.
This includes songs nominated in March that were "losers" in the Singles Battles.
Great job Rick

All added to my master Battles list



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