Les Cachi, Del-Satins, has died
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2020-03-04 01:30:20 UTC
Multiple posts on FB music artists’ pages that singer Les Cauchi died earlier today. Les was a founding member and First Tenor of The Del-Satins from 1958 until the mid 1960’s when he was drafted. When Cauchi returned to civilian life the Del-Satins merged with The Rhythm Method from Long Island in 1968 to form The Brooklyn Bridge. He remained with The Brooklyn Bridge after Johnny Maestro died.

In May 2011, Stan Zizka, Les Cauchi, Fred Ferrara and Tom Ferrara reunited for two concerts, one in the Yorkville neighborhood of Manhattan, and the second one on Long Island. They also performed occasionally with the Brooklyn Bridge and the Capris, the three groups having overlapping personnel. Fred Ferrara died, aged 71, on October 21, 2011, putting an end to reunions of the original group.

The Del-Satins released several singles that received regional airplay but did not chart nationally. The Brooklyn Bridge, with Maestro singing lead, had 7 chart singles including the #3 “Worst That Could Happen.”

Ray Arthur
2020-03-04 01:31:58 UTC