Mike King, King Bros., 83
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2018-12-04 04:23:57 UTC
Mike King, who has died aged 83, was a guitarist who found fame with the King Brothers, a vocal trio best known for their versions of the songs Standing on the Corner and A White Sport Coat (and a Pink Carnation).

He was born on April 25 1935 at Barking in Essex. With his younger brothers, Tony and Denis, he was encouraged as a musician by his father Bill, an engineer with Ford and a keen amateur musician. Denis was a talented pianist, and Bill King ensured that Mike learnt the guitar and Tony the double bass. They could all sing, and the three fresh-faced, clean-cut youths were an instant hit.

The group was composed of three brothers who first performed together professionally on the TV show 'Shop Window' in 1952.[1] Initially performing as The King Three, they appeared on the BBC Television early in their career on Six-Five Special,[2] and by 1957 had been named "top vocal group" in the reader's poll of NME.[1] Their first hit on the UK Singles Chart was their cover of "A White Sport Coat", which hit #6 in 1957. In October 1960, they were again voted "top vocal group" in the NME reader's poll.[3] They had a string of successful singles through 1961, after which time they continued recording but found their popularity waning.

Group leader Denis King later became an award-winning composer for television, film, and musicals; among other things, he wrote the theme music for The Adventures of Black Beauty and Lovejoy.


Dennis C
2018-12-04 12:40:04 UTC
The "Adventures of Black Beauty" featured the divine Judy Bowker......yummy!

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