Alphabetized-by-artist list of previously nominated Obscurities -- January 2021 update
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Rick Schubert
2021-01-20 23:33:34 UTC
I meant to send this out earlier. I see the February nominations have begun.

"5" Hearts - Please Please Baby
"5" Royales - Do The Cha Cha Cherry
"5" Royales - Right Around The Corner
"5" Royales - Tears Of Joy
4 Deuces - Down It Went
5 Royales - I Need Your Lovin' Baby
5 Royales - Not Going To Cry
Accents - I Give My Heart To You
Ace, Johnny - So Lonely
Adams, Faye - Witness To The Crime
Allen, Bill, And The Back Beats - Please Give Me Something
Allen, Jesse - Sittin' And Wonderin'
Andrews, Lee, and the Hearts - All I Ask Is Love
Angel, Johnny - Baby It's Love
Anthony, Little, & The Imperials - Traveling Stranger
Archia, Tom, & His All Stars - Ice Man Blues
Archibald - Great Big Eyes (Those Little Reds)
Armstrong, Louis - St. Louis Blues
Armstrong, Louis - Top Hat, White Tie and Tails
Avalons - It's Funny, But It's True
Avons - Bonnie
Avons - Gonna Catch You Nappin'
Baby Calloway - Midnight Blues
Ballard, Hank, & Midniters - Early One Morning
Ballard, Hank, and the Midnighters - I Love You, I Love You So-O-O
Ballard, Hank, and the Midnighters - Never Knew
Banks, Buddy (voc. Baby Davis) - Happy Home Blues
Barker, Blu Lu - Now You're Down in the Alley
Barker, Blue Lu - Trombone Man Blues
Barker, Danny - Chocko Mo Feendo Hay
Barker, Danny - My Indian Red
Barlow, Dean - I'll String Along With You
Barlow, Dean, & The Bachelors - Baby
Barnes, Benny - You Gotta Pay
Barons - A Year And A Day
Barons - Boom Boom
Barons - Cold Kisses
Barons - Searching For You
Barrix, Billy - Cool Off Baby
Barry, Joe - Little Jewel Of The Vieux Carre
Bel-Aires - Let's Party Awhile
Bell, Johnny, Tones - Ev'ry Day (It's The Same)
Bells of Joy - So Many Years
Belvin, Jesse (Laurels) - This Is My Love Song
Bennett, Boyd, & His Rockets - Poison Ivy
Bennett, Joe, and the Sparkletones - Cotton Pickin' Rocker
Bennett, Tony - Punch And Judy Love
Berry, Chuck - County Line
Berry, Chuck - Lajuanda
Berry, Richard - What You Do To Me
Berry, Richard, & His Dreamers - Jelly Roll
Berry, Richard, & The Lockettes - The Mess Around
Berry, Richard, and The Pharaohs - Rock, Rock, Rock (This Dance Is Crazy)
Big Bill - Flat Foot Susie With Her Flat Yes Yes
Big Duke - Baby Beat It
Big Ed - Biscuit Baking Mama
Big Four - Outta Tune
Big Maybelle - Baby Please Don't Go
Big Maybelle - Don't Leave Poor Me
Big Maybelle - Goin' Home Baby
Big Mike - Rain Or Shine
Billy Boy (Arnold) - I Was Fooled
Blackwell, Otis - My Poor Broken Heart
Blackwell, Otis - Oh! What A Babe
Blackwell, Otis - You Move Me, Baby!
Blair, Sunny - Please Send My Baby Back
Blue Diamonds - No Money
Blue Dots - Please Don't Tell 'Em
Blue Jays - So Long Lovers Island
Blue Smitty - Date Bait
Blue Tones - Oh Yeah!
Blues Rockers - Johnny Mae
Boatman, Tooter - Susie's House
Boatman, Tooter, and the Chapparals - Thunder & Lightning
Bond, Eddie - Slip Slippin In
Bond, Johnny - Alabama Boogie Boy
Bond, Luther, & His Emeralds - Starlight Starbright
Bonds, Gary (U.S.) - I Dig This Station
Booze, Bea - Gulf Coast Blues
Bop Chords - My Darling To You
Boptones - Be My Pussy Cat
Bowser, Donnie - I Love You Baby
Boze, Calvin - Looped
Brenston, Jackie - Gonna Wait For My Chance
Broonzy, Big Bill - You've Been Mistreating Me
Brown, B., and his Rockin' McVouts - Fannie Mae is Back
Brown, Buster - Doctor Brown
Brown, Buster - John Henry (The Steel Drivin' Man)
Brown, Clarence 'Gatemouth' - Gate's Salty Blues
Brown, Clarence - Rock My Blues Away
Brown, Dennis, & The Atomics - Show Me The Rose
Brown, James, & The Famous Flames - And I Do Just What I Want
Brown, Little Tommy - Won't You Forgive Me
Brown, Roy - Black Diamond
Brown, Roy - Shake 'em Up Baby
Brown, Tommy - Southern Women
Brown, Waymon - Barefoot Susie
Buckeyes - Since I Fell For You
Bunn, Allen - My Kinda Woman
Burney, Mac - Tired of Your Sexy Ways
Burrage, Harold - Messed Up
Buster, Prince - Madness
Byrd, Roy - Her Mind Is Gone
Byrne, Jerry - Carry On
Cadets - Ring Chimes
Cadillacs - A' Looka Here
Cadillacs - Holy Smoke, Baby
Cadillacs - Lucy
Cadillacs - Zoom-Boom-Zing
Calhoun, Charles - I Don't Know Why (The Car Won't Go)
Calvaes - Fine Girl
Caraway, Bobby & Terry - Ballin' Keen
Carbo, Chuck - Out On A Limb
Carbo, Leonard - So Tired
Cardinals - Here Goes My Heart To You
Cardinals - Misirlou
Carlo - Baby Doll
Carnations - The Angels Sent You To Me
Carrington, Curtis - I'm Gonna Catch You (Cuttin' Out On Me)
Carroll, Johnny - Crazy, Crazy Lovin'
Carter, Goree - I'm Your Boogie Man
Carter, Goree - She's Just Old Fashioned
Cavallo, Jimmy, Quartet - Leave Married Women Alone
Cellos - Girlie That I Love
Cellos - What's the Matter For You
Challengers - Honey, Honey, Honey
Champions - The Same Old Story
Champions and Sonny Thompson - Come On
Channels - My Lovin' Baby
Channels - Now You Know
Channels - Stars In The Sky
Channels - What Do You Do
Charles, Bobby - I Just Want You
Charles, Bobby - No More (I Ain't Gonna Love You No More)
Charles, Bobby - No Use Knocking
Charles, Bobby - One Eyed Jack
Charles, Ray - I Want To Know
Charles, Ray - I Want a Little Girl
Charles, Ray - Tell Me How Do You Feel
Charles, Ray - What Would I Do Without You
Charlie & Ray - My Lovin' Baby
Charmer - Is She Is Or Is She Ain't
Charts - My Diane
Charts - You're The Reason (I'm In Love)
Chavelles - Red Tape
Checkers - Can't Find My Sadie
Chenier, Clifton - Ay-Tete-Fee
Chimes - Love Me, Love Me, Love Me
Church, Eugene - Good News
Cineramas - Crying For You
Clark, Dee - Because I Love You
Clark, Dee - When I Call On You
Clark, Dee, & The Upsetters - Oh Little Girl
Cleftones - Lover Boy
Clicks - Come Back To Me
Cline, Patsy - Faded Love
Clovers - Easy Lovin'
Clovers - You Said
Coasters - Bad Blood
Cobras - Cindy
Cobras - I Will Return
Cochran Brothers - Tired And Sleepy
Cochran, Jack - Hip Shakin' Mama
Cole, Ann - Are You Satisfied
Cole, Ann - Have Fun
Cole, Sonny, & Rhythm Roamers - Curfew Cops
Cole, Sonny, and the Rhythm Roamers - I Dreamed I Was Elvis
Columbus Pharaohs - China Girl
Contours - Funny
Cooke, Sam - Somebody Have Mercy
Cooke, Sam - Summertime
Cookies - Later Later
Cooley, Jack - 50 Dyna-Flow
Cooley, Jack - Tom Tom Boogie
Cooley, Spade - You Clobbered Me
Cordel, Pat, & Crescents - Darling Come Back
Cordials - I'm Not Crying Anymore
Crane, Jimmy - Shig A Shag
Crawford, James (Sugarboy) - I Don't Need You
Crawford, James (Sugarboy) - She's the One
Crosby, Bing - Last Night on the Back Porch
Crowns - I'll Forget About You
Crudup, Arthur - She's Got No Hair
Crudup, Arthur - Tired of Worry
Crystals - Squeeze Me Baby
Cupp, Pat - Do Me No Wrong
Cupp, Pat - Long Gone Daddy
Curry, George - No. 9 on the Menu (Cat A-la-Carte and Dog Slaw)
Curtis, Mac - What'll I Do
Dale, Larry - Please Tell Me
Damita Jo - Keep Your Hands Off Of Him
Danderliers - She's Mine
Darin, Bobby - She's Tanfastic!
Davis, Emmet - How About It Baby
Davis, Link - Trucker From Tennessee
Davis, Maxwell, & His Orchestra - Blue Shuffle
Davis, Miles - So What
Davis, Walter - Tears Came Rolling Down
DeSanto, Sugarpie - Going Back Where I Belong
Dean and Jean - We're Gonna Get Married
Debs - Whadaya Want?
Del Vikings - Confession Of Love
Del Vikings - The Big Beat
Del-Vikings - Uh Uh Baby
Dells - I Can't Help Myself
Dells - I'm Calling
Dells - Jo-Jo
Dells - Q-Bop She-Bop (CuBop CheBop)
Dells - Time Makes You Change
Delmore Brothers - Freight Train Boogie
Delrays - Our Love Is True
Detroit Junior - Christmas Day
Diablos - Do You Remember What You Did
Diablos featuring Nolan Strong - Baby, Be Mine
Dickens, Little Jimmy - I Got A Hole In My Pocket
Diddley, Bo - Down Home Special
Diddley, Bo - Let Me In
Diddley, Bo - Look At My Baby
Diddley, Bo - Walkin' and Talkin'
Dillard, Varetta - I Don't Know What It Is But I Like It
Dillard, Varetta - Mama Don't Want (What Papa Don't Want)
Dillard, Varetta - That's Why I Cry
Dillard, Varetta - Them There Eyes
Dion - You're Mine
Dixon, Floyd - Real Lovin' Mama
Dixon, Floyd - Roll Baby Roll
Dixon, Floyd - When I Get Lucky
Domino, Fats - 44
Domino, Fats - I Can't Go On This Way
Domino, Fats - If You Need Me
Dominoes - Handwriting On The Wall
Dominoes - Love Me Now Or Let Me Go
Don's Rockers - You're Just Right For Me
Donley, Jimmy - Born to Be a Loser
Donn, Larry - That's What I Call A Ball
Dorsey, Lee - You Are My Sunshine
Doss, Bob - Don't Be Gone Long
Down Beats (vcl Roy Nixon) - Hard Rockin' Daddy
Downbeats - Midnight Love
Dream Kings - M.T.Y.L.T.T
Dreamers - 535
Dreamers - Because Of You
Drifters - If I Didn't Love You Like I Do
Drivers - Smooth Slow and Easy
Du Droppers - Boot em Up
Du Droppers - Talk That Talk
Du Droppers - You've Been Good To Everybody
Du-Droppers - Don't Pass Me By
Dubs - No One
Dubs - Your Very First Love
Dukes - Come On And Rock
Duncan, Tommy - Daddy Loves Mommyo
Dupree, Champion Jack - She Cooks Me Cabbage
Dupree, Jack - Ain't No Meat on De Bone
Eaglin, Ford (Snooks) - Yours Truly
Eaglin, Snooks - Travelling Mood
Earls, Jack - Slow Down
Eay, Eddie - Dancin' Girl
Echo Valley Boys - Wash Machine Boogie
Edsels - Do You Love Me
Eggins, Willie - Wow Wow
El Dorados - What's Buggin' You Baby
El Rays - Christine
Elbert, Donnie - Believe It Or Not
Elegants - Getting Dizzy
Ellis Brothers - Sneaky Alligator
Ellis Brothers - Wow! Baby
Eloise Trio - Chi Chi Merengue
Emerson, Billy 'The Kid' - No Greater Love
Empires - Corn Whiskey
Empires - Magic Mirror
Enchanters - Wait A Minute, Baby
Equadors - I'll Be the One
Equadors - You're My Desire
Ervin, Odie - She's A Bad Bad Woman
Evans, Jimmy - The Joint's Really Jumpin'
Everly Brothers - Just in Case
Excels - Baby Doll
Fabulous Pearls - Baby Drop Top
Fairburn, Werly - Telephone Baby
Fairlanes - Seventeen Steps
Falcons - Sent Up
Falcons - Take This Love I've Got
Fascinators - The Bells Of My Heart
Feathers - Love Only You
Feathers, Charlie - When You Come Around
Federals - While Our Hearts Were Young
Feger, Don - Date On The Corner
Feger, Don - Don't Be Mad
Feger, Don - Look Out Baby
Ferguson's, Troy, Country Gentlemen - At the Jamboree
Ferguson, H-Bomb - Mary Little Mary
Ferguson, H-Bomb - Work For My Baby
Fi-Tones - I Belong To You
Fi-Tones - I Call To You
Fisher, Sonny - Pink And Black
Fitzgerald, Ella - Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye
Five Blind Boys - In the Wilderness
Five Blind Boys - There's No Need To Cry
Five Blue Notes - Ooh Baby
Five Blue Notes - You Gotta Go Baby
Five Chances - California
Five Echoes - Broke
Five Hearts - The Fine One
Five Keys - Do I Need You
Five Keys - Mama (Your Daughter Told A Lie On Me)
Five Keys - Rosetta
Five Keys - Stop Your Crying
Five Notes - Broken Hearted Baby
Five Quails - Been A Long Time
Five Quails - Get To School On Time
Five Royales - Don't Give No More Than You Can Take
Five Stars - So Lonely Baby
Five Vets - Right Now
Five Wings - Rock-A-Locka
Flairs - Gettin' High
Flairs - My Darling, My Sweet
Flairs - Why Do I Love You
Flamingos - Ko Ko Mo
Flamingos - When
Fleming, George - The Shake
Fortune, Jessie - Too Many Cooks
Four Buddies - Ooh-Ow
Four Students - Hot Rotten Soda Pop (Oh My Toe)
Four Tops - Kiss Me, Baby
Fran, Carol - One More Chance
Friendly Brothers - Operator
Fuller, Johnny - Mean Old World
Fuller, Johnny - Mercy Mercy
Fulson, Lowell - I Still Love You Baby
Fulson, Lowell - Tollin' Bells
Futuretones - Roll On
G-Clefs - Is This The Way
Gaddy, Bob - Blues Has Walked In My Room
Gaines, Roy - Skippy Is A Sissy
Gant, Cecil - It Ain't Gonne Be Like That
Gardenias - (All Alone And) Miserable
Garner, Al - You Must Be Crazy
Gay, Betsy - Hound Dog
Gaylarks - Romantic Memories
Gayles, Billy - Do Right Baby
Gayles, Billy - Take Your Fine Frame Home
Gayten, Paul - It Ain't Nothing Happening
Gayton, Paul - You Better Believe It
Gazelles - Honest
Gentlemen - Something To Remember You By
Georgettes - Be My Baby
Gillum, Jazz - You Got To Run Me Down
Gladiolas - Run, Run Little Joe
Gordon, Bennie, & The Soul Brothers - Camel Walk
Gordon, Bill "Bass", & Colonials - Bring My Baby Back
Gordon, Junior - Blow Wind Blow
Gospelairs - Ride This Train
Green, George - Brand New Rockin' Chair
Green, George, with Jimmy Binkley - Finance Man
Green, Li'l - You've Been A Good Old Wagon (But You Done Broke Down)
Greene, Rudy - Highway No. 1
Greenwood, Lil, (Lamplighters) - Mercy Me
Guerrero, Lalo - Marihuana Boogie
Gunter, Arthur - Don't Leave Me Now
Gunter, Arthur - Hear My Plea Baby
Gunter, Arthur - Mind Your Own Business Babe
Gunter, Arthur - She's Mine All Mine
Guy, Buddy - First Time I Met The Blues
Hairston, Brother Will - The Alabama Bus
Hanna, Fletcher, With Red "Joe" Raynor And His Ozark Playboys - Hepcat Boogie
Hanson, Rudy - Saturday Jump
Hardison, Bernie - Yeah, It's True
Harmonaires - Come Back
Harmonica Slim - My Girl Won't Quit Me
Harper, Ben - Driveway Blues
Harper, Willie - New Kind of Love
Harpo, Slim - A Man is Crying
Harptones - So Good So Fine
Harptones - You Know You're Doing Me Wrong
Harris, Hal - Jitterbop Baby
Harris, Tony - Try This Li'l Ole Heart
Harris, Wynonie - Shot Gun Wedding
Harrison, Cledus - Rock and Roll In the Groove
Harvey & The Moonglows - Mean Old Blues
Hawkins, Erskine (The Four Hawks) - My Baby Please
Hawks - Ever Since You've Been Gone
Hawks - These Blues
Hawks - Why Oh Why [Post 2004]
Heartbeats - Darling, I Want to Get Married
Heartbeats - I Want To Know
Heartbreakers - Without A Cause
Hearts - All My Love Belongs To You
Hendricks, Bobby - Molly Be Goode
Hepsters - I Had To Let You Go
Herrera, Little Julian - True Fine Mama (1958)
Higgins, Chuck - Big Fat Mama
Hill, Jessie - Oogsey Moo
Hill, Joe, Louis - Hydramatic Woman
Hogan, Silas - Go On Pretty Baby
Hogen, Carl, & Miracles - I Love You So
Hogsed, Roy - Shuffleboard Shuffle
Holden, Ron - True Love Can Be
Holiday, Billie - Fine And Mellow (Live)
Holiday, Willie - I've Played This Town
Holly, Buddy - Dearest
Hollywood Flames - Give Me Back My Heart
Homesick James - My Baby's Sweet
Hooker, John Lee - Little Wheel
Hooker, John Lee - Taxi Driver
Hopkins, Lightnin' - Blues For My Cookie
Hopkins, Lightnin' - They Wonder Who I Am
Howard, Camille - Rock With Me
Howlin' Wolf - I Have A Little Girl
Howlin' Wolf - Riding In The Moonlight
Howlin' Wolf - Tell Me
Hunk Dori - Why Don't You Use Your Head
Hunter, Ty - Lonely Baby
Hunter, Ty, and The Voice Masters - Everything About You
Hunters (Young Jessie) - Down At Haydens
Hurricanes - Pistol Packin' Mama
Hutto, JB, & His Hawks - Dim Lights
Imaginations - Guardian Angel
Ingram, Benny - Jello Sal
Intervals - Love Me Sweet
Isley Brothers - The Cow Jumped Over The Moon
JB Lenoir - I Lost My Baby
Jackson, Bobby - Oh Baby
Jackson, Bull Moose, & His Buffalo Bearcats - Meet Me With Your Black Dress On
Jackson, Fred - Buck Fever
Jackson, Marvin - Gee Whiz Miss Liz
Jacobs, Matthew - Loaded Down
Jaguars - I Wanted You
James, Elmore - Blues Before Sunrise
James, Elmore - Sunny Land
James, Elmore - Take Me Where You Go
James, Elmore, & His Broomdusters - Late Hours At Midnight
James, Etta - Hold Me Squeeze Me
Jayos w. Johnny Otis - Honey Love
Jenkins, Bobo - Nothing But Love
Jesse Mae - Don't Freeze On Me
Jets - Drag It Home Baby
Jewels - A Fool In Paradise
Jewels - Pearlie Mae
Jimmie and Johnny - I Can't Find The Door Knob
Jive Bombers - The Blues Don't Mean A Thing
Jive Bombers - When Your Hair Has Turned To Silver
John, Little Willie - Come on Sugar
John, Little Willie - Home At Last
John, Moose - Wrong Doin' Woman
Johnny 'T' Talley - Wild Mind
Johnson, Bill - You Better Dig It
Johnson, Bill, & His Musical Notes - Shorty's Got To Go
Johnson, Buddy & Ella - Why Don't 'Cha Stop It
Johnson, Neal - True to You Baby
Jones, Eddy, & The Cyclones - Say What?
Jones, Floyd - Skinny Mama
Jones, Little Johnny, & Chicago Hound Dogs - I May Be Wrong
Jones, Ronnie, and the Classmates - Teenage Rock
Jones, Roy, & The Shells - Satisfied
Jones, Thumper - How Come It
Jordan, Louis - A Man's Best Friend is a Bed
Jordan, Louis - Cat Scratchin'
Julian, Don, & The Meadowlarks - Oop Boopy Oop
Julian, Don, and the Meadowlarks - Boogie Woogie Teenage
K-Doe, Ernie - Be Sweet
Kansas City Soul Revivers - Jesus Came At Midnight
Kelley, Cathy - Blues Hanging Around
Kenner, Chris - Don't Let Her Pin That Charge On Me
Kershaw, Rusty & Doug - We'll Do It Anyway
Kershaw, Rusty and Doug - Louisiana Man
Keytones - Seven Wonders Of The World
King Curtis - Beautiful Brown Eyes
King, B B - Lonely And Blue
King, Claude - Run, Baby, Run
King, Earl - Always A First Time
King, Earl - Come On (Part 1)
King, Earl - It Must Have Been Love
King, Earl - Well'o, Well'o, Well'o, Baby
King, Freddie - Sitting On The Boat Dock
King, Freddy - I'm On My Way To Atlanta
King, Freddy - Just Pickin'
King, Sid, & the Five Strings - Let 'Er Roll
Kings - Your Sweet Love
Kingsmen - One Foolish Mistake
Kitrell, Christine - I'm Just What You're Looking For
Knight, Jessie - Nothing But Money
Knight, Marie - What Kind of Fool
Kohlman, Freddie, Orch.-Cousin Joe vocals - Hole In The Ground
Kool Gents - Do Ya Do
Lamie, Tony & Jackie - Wore To A Frazzel
Lamplighters - Hug A Little Kiss a Little
Lanes - Open Up Your Heart (And Let Me In)
Larks - How Long Must I Wait for You?
Larks - I Want Her To Love Me
Larks - Rockin' In The Rocket Room
Lavett, Betty - Here I Am
Lee, Brenda - Just A Little
Lee, Brenda, & Vocaltones - I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None of My Love
Lee, Jimmy, & Wayne Walker - Lips That Kiss So Sweetly
Lee, Julia - All This Beef And Big Ripe Tomatoes
Lee, Julia - Don't Come Too Soon
Lenior, J.B. - Don't Touch My Head
Lenoir, J B - I Feel So Good
Lenore, J B - Fine Girls
Lewis, Jerry Lee - Honey Hush
Lewis, Raymond - Nine Cents Worth Of Chances
Lewis, Sammy, & Willie Johnson - So Long Baby Goodbye
Lewis, Wally - Oh Baby Baby
Liggins, Jimmy - Mississippi Boogie
Lightnin' Hopkins - Movin Out Boogie
Little Al - Every Day Brings About A Change
Little Anthony And The Imperials - Please Say You Want Me
Little Bo (Eddie Bo) - So Glad
Little David and His Harps - I Won't Cry
Little Eddie - My Baby Left Me
Little Esther - The Storm
Little Esther and Little Willie - Turn the Lamps Down Low
Little Joe & The Thrillers - This I Know
Little Maxie - Drive Soldiers Drive
Little Milton - I'm A Lonely Man
Little Miss Cornshucks - No Teasing Around
Little Walter - One More Chance With You
Little Woo Woo - This Wonderful Girl of Mine
Littles, Hattie - Back In My Arms Again
Lollar, Bobby - Bad Bad Boy
Long John - She Used To Be My Woman
Long, Bobby - By My Side
Long, Shorty - Burnt Toast and Black Coffee
Lord Melody - Mama Look A BooBoo
Louis, Joe Hill - A Jumpin and A shufflin
Louvin Brothers - Red Hen Hop
Love, Preston - A Man Goin' Crazy
Lymon, Frankie - I Put The Bomp
Lyons, Joe, and the Arrows - Shufflin' Jive
Lyrics - Crying Over You
Lyrics - Every Night
Mac, Lou - Slow Down
Maddox Brothers & Rose - Hangover Blues
Magic Sam - All Your Love
Magic Sam - Easy Baby
Magic Sam - Look Whatcha Done
Magic Sam - My Love Is Your Love
Magic Tones - Cool,Cool Baby
Magnificents - Caddy Bo
Marchan, Bobby - You Can't Stop Her (alt. version)
Marquis - Bohemian Daddy
Martin, Bennie, & Group - Darling Goodbye
Martin, Dean, & Nat "King" Cole - Open Up The Doghouse
Martin, Dean, & Ricky Nelson - My Rifle,My Pony & Me
Marveliers - Down
Marvels - I Won't Have You Breaking My Heart
Marvin & Johnny - Let Me Know
Masterkeys - Mr. Blues
Masters, Sammy - Pink Cadillac
Masters, Sammy - Whop T Bop (1956)
Matthews, Fat Man, & The Four Kittens - Later Baby
Matthews, Fats - Goin' Down
May, Haskell - Party Line
Maye, Arthur Lee, & The Crowns - Oh-Rooba-Lee
Mayer, Nathaniel - My Last Dance With You
Mayer, Nathaniel, & Fabulous Twilights - Hurting Love
Mayfield, Percy - Half Awoke
Mayfield, Percy - Memory Pain
McAllister, Billie - I Go For That
McCain, Jerry Boogie - Stay Out of Automobiles
McClam, Pro - Boot-Um
McCormack Brothers - Red Hen Boogie
McCracklin, Jimmy - Rockin' All Day
McCracklin, Jimmy - Savoy's Jump
McDaniel, Luke - My Baby Don't Rock
McDaniel, Luke - The Automobile Song
McDonald, Rusty - Easy Big Mama
McGhee, Brownie - When It's Love Time
McLollie, Oscar, & Jeanette Davis - Hey Girl Hey Boy
McPhatter, Clyde - I Do Believe
McShann's, Jay, Orchestra (Priscilla Bowman) - Another Night
Mellows & Lillian Leach - I Still Care
Mellows & Lillian Leach - I Was A Fool To Let You Go
Mellows - Sweet Lorraine
Mellows f. Lillian Leach - Pretty Baby, What's Your Name?
Melton, Ray - Boppin' Guitar
Mercy Baby - Marked Deck
Mercy Baby - Rock And Roll Baby
Mercy Dee - Romp And Stomp Blues
Mickey & Sylvia - I'm So Glad
Midnighters - Give It Up
Midnighters - Let 'em Roll
Midnighters - Ooh Bah Baby
Midnighters - Rock These Blues Away
Midnighters - Why Are We Apart
Mighty Sparrow - May May
Milburn, Amos - Hard Driving Blues
Milburn, Amos - Heartaches that Make You Cry
Miles, Lenny - Don't Believe Him Donna
Miller Sisters - Got You On My Mind
Miller Sisters - Someday You Will Pay
Miller, Robert - Freeway Boogie
Millet, Li'l - Rich Woman
Millet, Lou - Shorty The Barber
Milton, Little - My Song
Milton, Roy - I Never Would Have Made It
Mint Juleps - Vip-A-Dip
Mitchell, Bobby - Try Rock 'n' Roll
Mitchell, Bobby, & The Toppers - I Wish I Knew
Mitchell, Freddie - Mr. Freddie's Boogie
Mitchell, McKinley - Rock Everybody Rock
Mizell, Hank - I'm Ready
Monarchs - Always Be Faithful
Monotones - Tell it to the Judge
Montrell, Roy - (Every Time I Hear) That Mellow Saxophone
Moonglows - Fine,Fine Girl
Moore, "Woo Woo" - Something's Wrong
Moroccos - Red Hots And Chili Mac
Mr. Bo - I'm Leavin' This Town
Muggins, Shorty - Got A Great Big Shovel
Murray, Ruby - Real Love
Myers, Bumps, (Bobby Nunn) - I'm Clappin' And Shoutin'
Myers, Sammy - My Love Is Here To Stay
Myles & Dupont - Loud Mouth Annie
Myles, Big Boy, and the Sha-weez - Who's Been Fooling You?
Mystics - All Through The Night
Mystics - Sunday Kind Of Love
Neal, Screamin' Joe - Rock And Roll Deacon
Neons - Road To Romance
Neville, Aaron - Show Me The Way
Neville, Art - Cha Dookey Doo
Neville, Art - The Dummy
Newman, Carl & His Night Hawks - Rockin' And A Boppin'
Nickell, Betty - Hot Dog
Nitecaps - Be My Girl
Nolen, Jimmy - The Way You Do
Nolen, Jimmy - You've Been Goofing
Nutmegs - Comin' Home
Nutmegs - Make Me Lose My Mind
Nutmegs - Rock Me
Oliver, Chet - Cool As A Cucumber
Olson, Rocky - Kansas City
Orange, Allen - True Love Never Dies
Orbison, Roy - A Cat Called Domino
Orchids - Fine Sweet Woman
Orchids - I Can't Refuse
Orioles - Drowning Every Hope I Ever Had
Orioles - Is My Heart Wasting Time
Oscar Brand - I Used To Work In Chicago
Otis, Johnny - Goomp Blues
Otis, Johnny - Shake It
Page, Hot Lips - Last Call For Alcohol
Page, Hot Lips - The Cadillac Song
Parchman Mississippi State Penitentary - Old Alabama
Parker, Charlie - Tico Tico
Parker, Robert - Across The Track
Parliaments - Party Boys
Parrish, Mae - Function On Broadway
Patti Anne & The Flames - Shtiggy Boom
Pearls - Tree In The Meadow
Pegues, Carroll "Wild Red" - Rhythm Feet
Pejoe, Morris - Hurt My Feelings
Penguins - Be My Loving Baby
Penguins - Promises Promises Promises
Penguins - She's Gone, Gone
Penguins - Sweet Love
Perkins, Carl - Drink Up And Go Home
Perry, John, Orchestra - My Baby Started Cryin'
Philharmonics - Teen Town Hop
Phillips, Marvin - My Baby Won't Let Me In
Piano Red - Red's Blues
Plants - Dear I Swear
Platters - Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered
Platters - I Wanna
Platters - Maggie Doesn't Work Here Anymore
Platters - September Song
Platters - You Made Me Cry
Prado, Perez - In A Little Spanish Town
Prima, Louis - Barnacle Bill
Professor Longhair - Walk Your Blues Away
Pryor, Snooky - You Tried To Ruin Me
Prysock, Arthur - Woke Up This Morning
Prysock, Red - What's The Word Thunderbird
Puente, Tito - Oye Como Va
Pullens, Vern - Bop Crazy Baby
Pyramiders - Don't Ever Leave Me
Quarrymen - In Spite of All The Danger
Queen (Dinah Washington) - Honky Tonk
Quin, Gene O - Boogie Woogie Fever
Radio Four - How Much I Owe
Rams - Sweet Thing
Ravens - We'll Raise A Ruckus Tonight
Ray-O-Vacs - Party Time
Rays - Tippity Top
Re-vels Quartette - Love My Baby
Redding, Otis - Something Is Worrying Me
Reed, Jimmy - Back Home at Noon
Reed, Jimmy - I Ain't Got You
Reed, Jimmy - Let's Get Together
Reed, Jimmy - State Street Boogie
Reed, Jimmy - Too Much
Reed, Lula - Caught Me When My Love Was Down
Reed, Lula - Why Don't You Come On Home
Reed, Lulu - Your Love Keeps A-Working On Me
Reed, Lulu, & Freddy King - It's Easy Child
Rich, Charlie - Big Boss Man
Ricks, Jimmy, & The Ravens - Boots And Saddles
Ricks, Jimmy, & The Ravens - I'll Always Be In Love With You
Ricks, Jimmy, and the Raves - Daddy Rollin' Stone
Ridgley, Tommy - In The Same Old Way
Ridgley, Tommy - When I Meet My Girl
Riff, Eddie - My Baby's Gone Away
Rivileers - Don't Ever Leave Me
Robert (Lockwood) Jr. - Sweet Woman From Maine
Robertson, Lester - Oh Babe
Robins - Since I First Met You
Robins - White Cliffs of Dover
Rockers - Down In The Bottom
Rockers - Tell Me Why
Rogers, Jesse - Jump Cat Jump
Ross, Doctor - New York Breakdown
Royal Jesters - Love Me
Royal Jokers - Stay Here
Royals - Gas Happy Mama
Rush, Otis - You Know My Love
Russell, Snookum - Juke Box Boogie Woogie Chick
Ryan, Cathy (Admirals) - 24 hours a Day
Ryder, Junior - Better Stop
Samuels, Clarence - Without You
Saucers - Flossie Mae
Scales, Alonzo - My Baby Likes To Shuffle
Scarlets - Cry Baby
Scotchtones - Do You Have The Right
Scott, Mabel - Boogie Woogie Choo Choo Train
Scott, Sandy - Shake It Up
Self, Ronnie - Pretty Bad Blues
Sensations - You Made Me Love You
Serenaders - I Wrote A Letter
Sh-Booms - Lu Lu
Shane, Jackie - Any Other Way
Sharps - Lock My Heart
Sheffield, Charles - It's Your Voodoo Working
Sheiks - Walk That Walk
Shep & The Limelites - Gee Baby What About You
Shirley & Lee - Don't You Know I Love You
Shirley & Lee - I'll Thrill You
Shirley & Lee - That's What I'll Do
Shirley & Lee - The Flirt
Silva-Tones - Roses Are Bloomin'
Simmons, Gene - Peroxide Blonde and a Hopped Up Model Ford
Sims, Frankie Lee - Hey Little Girl
Sinceres - If You Should Leave Me
Sinceres - Please Don't Cheat On Me
Singer, Hal, Quintette - Blue Stompin' (Part 1)
Sisco, Gene - Grandma Rock And Roll
Six Teens - Send Me Flowers
Skipper, Macy "Skip" - Quick Sand Love
Skyliners - The Door Is Still Open
Smith, Effie, & the Squires - Champagne Mind (With A Soda Water Income)
Smith, Huey "Piano", & the Clowns - Walking Down the Street
Smith, Little George - Blues Stay Away
Smith, Snuffy - Lumumba
Solitaires - Come Back My Love
Solitaires - Helpless
Solitaires - The Time Is Here
Solitaires - Thrill of Love
Sounds - Sweet Sixteen
Spaniels - Crazee Babee
Spaniels - False Love
Spaniels - Great Googly Moo
Spaniels - Hey, Sister Lizzie
Spaniels - I Like It Like That
Spaniels - I Lost You
Spaniels - I Need Your Kisses
Spencer & Spencer {Dickie Goodman & Mickey Shorr} with Sonia Pryor Choir - Russian Band Stand
Spiders - John The Revelator
Spiders - Mmm Mmm Baby
Spinners - Marvella
Spires, "Big Boy" - Murmur Low
Stacy, Clyde - Baby Shame
Stacy, Clyde - Honkytonk Hardwood Floor
Staple Singers - Let's Go Home
Starkes, Doc, & The Nite Riders - Doctor Velvet
Starlarks - Send Me A Picture, Baby
Staton, Dakota - A Little You
Stayton, Jimmy - You're Gonna Treat Me Right
Stevenson, George "Blazer Boy" - Mornin' Train
Stevenson, George - Meet Me at Grandma's Joint
Stewart, Franklin - I Forgot To Tell My Baby
Striders - Hesitating Fool
Strong, Freddie, with Fats Gaines - Gaines Boogie
Strong, Nolan, & Diablos - Old MacDonald
Strong, Nolan, & Diablos - You Are
Strong, Nolan, & His Diablos - You're The Only Girl Dolores
Strong, Nolan, & The Diablos - Goodbye Matilda
Strong, Nolan, & The Diablos - Try Me One More Time
Strong, Nolan, with the Velvet Angels - Be Ever Wonderful
Sugar Boy - She Gotta Wobble (When She Walks)
Sultans - Baby, Don't Put Me Down
Summits - Go Back Where You Came
Supremes - Don't Leave Me Here To Cry
Supremes - Honey Honey
Surf Riders - I'm Out
Swan Silvertones - Love Lifted Me
Swan, Jimmy - Country Cattin'
Tampa Red - Pretty Baby Blues
Tampa Red - Since Baby's Been Gone
Tantones - I Love You Really I Do
Tate, Billy - Special Lesson #1
Taylor, Eddie - Bad Boy
Taylor, Eddie - Big Town Playboy
Taylor, Hound Dog - Take Five
Taylor, Ted - I Need Your So
Tenderfoots - I'm Yours Anyhow
Tex, Joe - Ain't I a Mess
Tex, Joe - I Wanna Be Free
Tex, Joe - Wicked Woman
Thomas, Tabby - Hoodo Party
Thomas, Tabby - Popeye Train
Thompson, Hayden - Love My Baby
Thunderbirds - Love Is A Problem
Tilters - Ee-Til-Ya-Dee
Timmons, Terry - Daddy Be Good To Me
Tiny Topsy - Aw Shucks Baby
Tiny Topsy - Come On Come On Come On
Tiny Topsy - Miss You So
Titans - Rhythm & Blues
Tokens - Please Write
Toliver, Bo - Begging
Town Three feat. Wes Voight - Midnight Blues
Townsend, Ed - Come On And Walk With Me
Tremain's, Willie, Thunderbirds - Midnight Express
Turbans - Curfew Time
Turks - This Heart of Mine
Turner, Ike - She Made My Blood Run Cold
Turner, Ike, Carlson Oliver & Little Ann - Box Top
Turner, Joe - Jumpin' At The Jubilee
Turner, Joe, & His Blues Kings - After A While
Twilighters - Gotta Get On That Train
Twilighters - Please Tell Me You're Mine
Twitty, Conway - Send Her To Me
Two Crows & The Diggers - Poison Ivy
Vanell, Charles - Knowing the Part
Vaughn, Dale - How Can You Be Mean To Me
Velvetones - Yes I Will
Vernalls - Why Can't You Be True
Versatiles - Passing By
Vons - Flip, Flip
Wade, Iona - Take My Number Baby
Walker, T Bone - Shufflin' The Blues
Walker, T-Bone - I Know Your Wig Is Gone
Walker, T-Bone - Papa Ain't Salty
Walker, Wayne - All I Can Do Is Cry
Walton, James, & Blues Kings - Miss Jessie James
Wanderers - Great Jumpin' Catfish
Ward Singers, Famous - Oh Gabriel
Ware, Eddy - Lima Beans
Washington, Baby - Been A Long Time Baby
Washington, Baby - Congratulations Honey
Waters, Clear - Boogie Woogie Baby
Waters, Muddy - Good News
Waters, Muddy - Look What You've Done
Wayne, Wee Willie - I Remember
Weaver, Joe, & The Don Juans - Looka Here, Pretty Baby
Webster, Katie - Hoo Wee, Sweet Daddy
Wells, Junior - Two Headed Woman
Wheels - Let's Have A Ball
Wheels - Teasin' Heart
Whips - Pleadin Heart
Whips - She Done Me Wrong
Whispers - We're Getting Married
Whitfield, Smoki - Function At The Junction
Wilcox, Coye - You Gotta Quit Cheatin'
Wilder, Farris - It's All Your Fault
Williams, Andre - Come On Baby
Williams, Bernie - Why Fool Yourself
Williams, Bob - My Goose is Cooked
Williams, Eddie, and his Brown Buddies w/Floyd Dixon - Red Head 'n' Cadillac
Williams, Johnny - Silver Haired Woman
Williams, Larry - Let Me Tell You, Baby
Williams, Larry - Peaches And Cream
Willis, Chuck - Sugar Sugar
Willows - Little Darlin
Wills, Johnnie Lee (Leon Huff) - Levee Blues
Wilson, Hop - Rockin' in the Cocanut Top
Wilson, Jackie - Am I The Man
Wilson, Jackie - Baby, That's All
Wilson, Jackie, & Linda Hopkins - I Found Love
Wilson, Jimmy - Jumpin From Six to Six
Wilson, Jimmy - Oh! Red
Witherspoon, Jimmy (Lamplighters) - Just For You
Woods, Donald, and The Vel-Aires - Man From Utopia
Wrens - Hey Girl
Wyatt, Gene - Lover Boy
Yelvington, Malcolm - Rockin' With My Baby
Young Jessie - Don't Happen No More
Young Jessie - Nothing Seems Right
Young, Lester - Wobble Time
2021-01-20 23:41:36 UTC
I meant to send this out earlier. I see the February nominations have begun.
Great job in January, 5 in the SWEET SIXTEEN and the WINNER!
Rick Schubert
2021-01-21 00:03:59 UTC
Post by ***@aol.com
I meant to send this out earlier. I see the February nominations have begun.
Great job in January, 5 in the SWEET SIXTEEN and the WINNER!
Thanks. I was as surprised as anyone. The funny thing is that the winner was my 4th favorite of
my nominees. But I'm not complaining.

2021 is off to a great start! ;)